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Gallons of Fun Await You At Phuket’s Wettest Wildest Water Park!

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Whizzard| Adrenaline Ride Logo | Splash Jungle Water Park | PhuketWHIZZARD

Riders are dispatched into enclosed high speed AquaTubes that spiral alongside each other through multiple lanes of twists and turns into a 360-degree loop before a surprise drop of colorful lanes.

Family Raft Ride | Relaxing Ride Logo | Splash Jungle Water Park | PhuketFAMILY RAFT RIDE

With loads of over-the-edge wall time, speeds up to 33km/h (20.5mph), surprise drops, and twisting turns, this family experience ensures everyone is smiling at the end. Our rafts allow children to sit side-by-side with their parents ensuring they feel secure around every corner.

Super Bowl | Adrenaline Ride Logo | Splash Jungle Water Park | PhuketSUPER BOWL

Make your way to the top of Slide Tower and get prepared to take a sensational spin. You’ll have to grab your tube tightly as you let go and plunge down a dark tube rush into the giant super bowl. You’ll make several wild turns before ending in an exhilarating transition into a splashdown pool.

Body and Tube Slide | Adrenaline Ride Logo | Splash Jungle Water Park | PhuketBODY AND TUBE SLIDES

We guarantee that, all day long, everyone will love our true favourite colourful slides. Featuring two body slides and one tube slide which can be enjoyed and ridden in single or double tubes.

Boomerango | Adrenaline Ride Logo | Splash Jungle Water Park | PhuketBOOMERANGO

Go into a dark tube followed by a rush high up a vertical wall. Get ready then for the reverse free fall which accelerates you over a 15 meter high transition bump. It’s not over until you drop down through a splashdown pool.

Lazy River | Relaxing Ride Logo | Splash Jungle Water Park | PhuketLAZY RIVER

Take a journey on the relaxing Lazy River and float along a maze of adventure that travels for 335 meters. A wet and wild visual feast as your tube carries you around the gardens and delights of Splash Jungle Water Park.

Aqua Play and Kids Pool | Relaxing Ride Logo | Splash Jungle Water Park | PhuketAQUA PLAY & KIDS POOL

At this place whole family can have fun together and enjoy watersliders of varying heights and speeds. You will have a ball with the giant water bomb cannons where multiple interactive water features are sure to get everyone cooled down. Plus, the fun slide and water spray station in the fantasy’s kid’s zone.

Wave Pool | Relaxing Ride Logo | Splash Jungle Water Park | PhuketWAVE POOL

Along with our six level of constant lifeguard supervision, guests of all ages can also hit the surf in safety with life jackets.

Aqua Spray Park| Relaxing Ride Logo | Splash Jungle Water Park | PhuketAQUA SPRAY PARK

A fun and educational (oh no!) area letting families and children play, spray and wash the frowns away, with a series of water elements demonstrating the movement and effects of water. Great for developing minds, or for anyone that just wants to relax and have fun spraying water at one another.

Boomerango and Super Bowl Weight Guidelines

  • Single Tubes – Minimum weight of 45 kg. Maximum of 100 kg.
  • Double Tubes – Minimum weight of 90 kg. Maximum of 170 kg.
  • Additional rules and height restrictions are posted at each ride.
  • Splash Jungle Water Park is not liable for damage to swimwear caused by the use of the rides.

“So much fun!”.

Me and my boyfriend went here during our travels around Asia and we loved it, were in our 20s and had so much fun. Was clean and well kept…

-- Abi B

“Fantastic fun!!!”

Great day out! We arrived about 11.30am and left at 6pm and was not bored for one minute here.

-- NMtravelin